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Choosing a wedding car is a really big deal, it’s similar in a way to choosing your wedding dress you need to make sure it’s the perfect car for your personality and the type of wedding. It’s hard to say what car you should choose as it’s completely dependent on circumstance and opinion but to give you an insight to some of the most common choices you can find some of the most popular wedding cars that people regularly hire from us below… When you are ready fill in our Quote form to receive your price.

Porsche Cayenne
Our white Porsche Cayenne is the fantastic wedding option, carrying the high class Porsche badge the Cayenne offers great comfort and luxury and not to mention has a flash exterior which is always important. There’s plenty of space to fit the brides and of course the dress as well as the groom so the Cayenne is a smart choice.

Cayenne Porsche Cayenne 1185635_525474267547722_1374032450_n

Range Rover Sport
The Range Rover Sport in recent years has become something of a fashion accessory rather than an off road vehicle but never the less they are still beautiful cars in their own right which makes them a very popular wedding vehicle choice. The sleek exterior makes the Range Rover Sport a clear choice for many when it comes to arriving at your wedding ceremony.

Rang rover Sport IMG_8293 Range Rover Sport

Chrysler 300c
Perhaps not one of the most likely candidates, our 300c American Chrysler often gets chosen to travel to weddings as its unique look similar to that of a Bentley makes it turn heads and for many that’s what a wedding car is all about. This is often a choice for executive/business travel which gives you an insight into the class of the vehicle.

Chrysler 300C

Mercedes E Class
In our opinion the E Class is one of Mercedes nicest looking standard sized vehicles. Carrying the badge of the world renowned luxury German car manufacturer Mercedes the E Class is a high quality car suitable of offering transport to any wedding, another benefit is that this model is also available in white!

IMG_8306 IMG_8297 IMG_8294

If you are interested in hiring a wedding car then look no further, we offer chauffeur driven wedding vehicles in the south west region. Fill out our E-Quote form for a quote on your journey and specific vehicle. Alternatively you can contact us for a quote directly by calling 01179 656 656 or by emailing us directly at

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