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The oldest and largest railway station in the city of Bristol is Temple Meads, which is an important hub for public transport that connects Bristol to surrounding areas and a large majority of the United Kingdom’s major cities on a daily basis. The station opened back in 1840 on the 31st August and since then has seen significant increases in traffic year on year with the recent 2012-2013 annual season seeing just over 9 million passengers! That makes it the 13th largest train station outside of London.

Temple Meads is a particularly popular station that people often use for travelling to long distance destinations including places such as Plymouth, Penzance, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh and London. Many who live in Bristol opt to use rail instead of any other form of transport as it can often be easier and less time consuming, this can however present a problem if you are planning on going to somewhere on holiday or possibly for business or whatever it may be that would require you to be carrying a lot of luggage which isn’t ideal for walking to and from the train station.

Part of the charm of using a train as your chosen transport is that you can simply walk into the station and travel to wherever you like, you don’t need to worry about parking your car and paying that expense but with a large amount of luggage there may not be many options left however we can offer you the perfect solution!

Our large Taxis Bristol which are available to customers come with the option to have between 4-49 seats and the vehicles themselves also have space for a large amount of luggage. Just to help you out even more we will pick you up directly from your house and drop you off at the train station with the included option of being picked up when you arrive back to Bristol, if you opt for it of course.

If you are interested in looking for transport to and from the station then look no further. We provide a professional taxi service with a high standard of quality, to get a free quote then don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01179 656 656 or alternatively you can email us at, we also have the further option of being able to enquire online using our E-Quote function which when completed we will get right back to you.

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