Getting A Taxi With The Right Luggage Space

When you are ordering a taxi whether it is to or from an Airport Transfers Bristol, train station or bus station then you may be travelling with luggage so therefore will want to know the size of the taxi are ordering before it arrives so you can ensure you are getting a taxi with the right luggage space. Here at Big Taxi Bristol we can general handle large amounts of luggage as our fleet consists of larger sized vehicles, when you are booking a taxi with us please make sure however that you state how many bags of luggage you have so that we can send you a suitable vehicles. Below you can find some examples of our fleet and how much luggage they each can cope with…

Mercedes E Class
This particular luxury Mercedes vehicle is a 5 seater and it’s your standard saloon size which will only take approximately 3-4 bags of luggage in the boot as it is of a standard size. Although it’s a beautiful luxury vehicle it may not be the best option if you have a fair amount of luggage to carry around as it’s likely to be unable to fit, it’s predominately used for short trips and business events and functions.

Chrysler 300C
Chrysler are an American model so therefore is slightly larger than that of the Mercedes and the boot is also larger but again it’s only going to take between 4-5 pieces of luggage. This vehicle just like the Mercedes in terms of features as it also only has 5 seats.

Porsche Cayenne
The Cayenne is a luxury mid-sized cross over making it slightly larger than the two above models, the boot is more spacious and the interior is also so you may be able to fit more in the body of the car if you need to. This car will take around 6-7 pieces of luggage given that you use the interior, however despite its large exterior it still only has 5 seats.

Mercedes Viano
The popular Mercedes Viano is a 7 seater car with a large amount of luggage space, the large van can take around 7-8 suitcases of luggage making it suitable for larger families with several pieces of luggage. The Viano has a very comfortable interior with several extras available that make the journey a fantastic experience.

Mercedes Vito
The Vito is the largest van on our fleet and it will seat 9 people, this van is just slightly larger than the Viano in terms of space and can take around 9 suitcases of luggage. This is one of the biggest vans within our fleet and it is available to our customers for a variety of different functions.

Please note that for all these vehicles above you have one less seat available to passengers due to the taxi driver(s).

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