Getting To Wimbledon

Getting to WimbledonAs you may be aware by the extensive coverage Wimbledon 2014 has just started with everyone in the United Kingdom having high hopes that Andy Murray will defend his title. Wimbledon or The Wimbledon Championships, being its full name, for those who aren’t aware is the oldest tennis tournament in the world which was founded in 1877 and since has been held at the All England Club in London.

If you were one of the lucky few to secure tickets or you just want to sit on Henman Hill and soak up the atmosphere then you are going to have a few things that you need to plan prior to arriving. There are many things that you need to take into consideration such as your accommodation, restaurants in the area to go to and how you are going to get there.

Big Taxi Bristol can happily help you with your transportation needs, our taxis are perfect for long distance travel events with large groups of people because of the vehicles that we have on our fleet. We offer a range of 4-49 seated vehicles with a spacious interior which is suitable for any event or function that you want to travel to including the Tennis at Wimbledon.

One of the most frequently chosen vehicles for this type of journey is our Mercedes Viano. Often people like this vehicle as with the luxury leather interior, large amount of leg room and luggage space there is also a fridge which is perfect for bringing a few beverages or sandwiches for a picnic which would be ideal for travelling to Wimbledon.

If you are looking to get transport to the tennis and back then we can help you with this, to get a quick quote all you have to do is give us a call directly on 01179 656 656 or you can email us directly at, alternatively we also have an e-quote function which make it even quicker to get the best priced transport. We will always arrange you the best price and quality possible to give you the ultimate travel experience.

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