Most Popular Prestige Taxi Vehicles

Vehicles that are used as taxis often, as you would expect, gain mileage rather quickly. In order to counter this the vehicle needs to be well maintained and regularly serviced but as a taxi company you also need to consider what type of vehicles that you want in your fleet as you need to pick reliable models yet still offer a prestige service.

Based upon reliability here are some of the most common prestige taxi vehicles that you will find on the roads today…

Range Rover Sport
The Range Rover sport is a luxury SUV which is made and produced in the United Kingdom by a company called Land Rover. The second generation has just come out in 2013 and since has proved its reliability and style on the road, the Range Rover Sport is a beautiful looking car suitable for any executive journey.

Chrysler 300c
Chrysler launched the 300C in 2005; it was a top of the line vehicle with a much similar look to that of the iconic Bentley. There are both sedan and station wagon 300C’s available on the market both of which are reliable and popular as a luxury vehicle in Europe. The 300C is a very nice high end upper class business car.

Porsche Cayenne
The mid-size luxury crossover that everyone loves, in 2002 the sports car brand Porsche have upped their game even further with the Cayenne. There several models of the Cayenne including the S, S Transsyberia, GTS, GTS Porsche Design Edition 3, Turbo, Turbo S and a diesel version. The key ingredient that shines through in the Cayenne is the essence of Porsche.

Mercedes E
The well-known brand Mercedes Benz has a model called the E Class which is a range of executive cars. The most recent E class is the W212 which receive a major facelift in 2013, it was heavily restyled to make the car look more aggressive and it does the brand justice. The E Class is suitable for whatever journey you need; the E class is a great medium.

Are you interested in hiring a prestige taxi vehicle? Check out our fleet page, we specialise in providing executive and business travel using several prestige vehicles so for a quote simply call us on 01179 656 656 or alternatively email us at and we will be happy to help arrange you prestige travel.

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